Tomáš Porhajaš, M.A. Managing Partner Tomáš studied financial markets at FHWN, Austria, and was honoured for outstanding academic results. His academic success led him overseas, first to Elon University in North Carolina and then to Sungkyunkwan University in Seoul, focusing on innovative technologies. Specialised in technology on the financial markets, Tomáš is a member of the CFA Institute and a regular contributor to professional economic publications. With the Master’s Degree in Applied Economics at CERGE-EI and a Financial Strategies Diploma from Oxford University, there’s no project Tomáš is afraid to undertake.

I like... heavy metal drumming, supercars, and most of all, my wife and daughter.

Tomáš Porhajaš, M.A.

Radim Kolmaš, M.A. Managing Partner Radim studied Finance and International Accounting at FHWN in Austria and innovative technologies at Sungkyunkwan University in Seoul. During his studies, Radim completed an internship at MF Global, the most extensive futures and options broker in the world. He then committed to a Master’s Program at CERGE-EI in Prague and a Financial Strategies Diploma programme at Oxford. Radim sees connections where no one else does.

I like... Nutella, cycling and gastronomy. I admire intelligent and educated people. In the first place, though, I love my wife and two little daughters above all.

Radim Kolmaš, M.A.