About Us

We invest when others are fearful, and we are fearful when others invest. That’s what Brevia stands for.

At Brevia, we are a small but committed team, and our results are our best introduction.

We never thought we would become key players in the financial world, but we did through hard work and plenty of energy. We’ve built a network of renowned prime brokers, technology providers and asset managers that has grown to be as effective as some of the largest companies on the continent. Every project is an adventure, whether in logistics or capital lending, real estate or technology start-ups. New challenges are our inspiration!

Our job description is not easy to describe; we’ve driven by not fitting in any stereotype. We enjoy what we do, but we know the value of money, so we approach each project rationally with responsibility. Brevia is built on the pillars of courage, spontaneousness and passion. There’s an emotional connection with every project, and once we find it, we let it fully evolve.

Radim and Tomáš
Managing Partners